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New Water Sensor Plugin

The new water sensor Nagios plugin has been released! A big thanks to Receivables Outsourcing, Inc, my employer, for allowing me to develop and release these plugins back to the community that has helped us keep our network under control. Look for the guide under the Nagios Plugins section of this site soon!

Cheap Environment Monitoring with Nagios

About 4 years ago I needed a cheap solution to monitor temperature, humidity, and water leaks with Nagios. At the time, I was unable to find cheap cost effective temperature sensors which had Nagios plugins already written. There were links on the Nagios homepage to some expensive sensors with a coupon code bringing the cost down to… still over $200/sensor. My solution was to write a few new Nagios plugins and to use slightly less-expensive sensors from Digi. With simple serial communication, they seemed like the best bet. I will soon post a page on this site dedicated to the plugins I’d like to share, but for now you can find them here.